Sacramental Programme

The Sacramental Programme at Holy Cross involves the children in the Year 4 area and covers Reconciliation and  the Sacraments of Initiation – Confirmation and First Communion. Parents will receive the initial letter outlining details of the Programme before their child completes their Year 3 class. Children who do not attend Holy Cross are able to prepare for the Sacraments by attending lessons on Sundays after the 8am Mass.

School Religious Education Programme

At Holy Cross School we follow the Religious Education Programme for Catholic Schools in Aotearoa New Zealand, as designated by the Bishops of New Zealand. This programme has six main strands for each year level and the following links will show what the children are learning for Term 2 across the school
Three Modules are also taught during the year: Prayer & Sacramental CelebrationsThe Liturgical Year and Myself and Others (Part of Health Unit)
Family/Whanau Book
This book is available online via the Faith Alive website. For those who prefer a hard copy, the book is available from the School Office for $16.00 each. It gives a breakdown of content across all classes as well as many helpful suggestions for prayer and activities that can be used at home. 

Pastoral Care

The classroom teacher forms the basis of the network and plays the major role in providing for the Pastoral Care of students in their class. In the Mercy Tradition, Holy Cross aims to have a school in which the atmosphere is friendly, in which standards of good behaviour are maintained and in which there is respect for other people and for property. Above all the school provides conditions in which students can work effectively and be confident, self-disciplined and motivated Catholics with strong leadership qualities. To achieve this the school has the following basic requirements:
  • Students work to the best of their ability.
  • Students are expected to attend regularly.
  • Students are to arrive at school on time and attend all classes.
  • Students will wear the correct school uniform with pride.
  • Students will respect other people’s property and the school environment.
  • Students will behave responsibly when representing the school.