Enrolment Procedure

Parents are invited to enrol their children at Holy Cross Catholic School when they turn three.  Preference is given to children who are baptised Catholic.  To enrol at Holy Cross Catholic School you are required to provide the following:
  • A completed enrolment form signed by both parents
  • A Preference Certificate signed by a Catholic Priest and stamped with a parish stamp.
  • Original birth certificate or passport
  • Original baptism certificate
  • The residency status of a child who is born outside of New Zealand
  • Immunisation certificate
  • Compulsory Attendance Dues Charges Parent and Caregiver Responsibilities Form Signed by both parents
Once the forms have been completed they must be returned to the School Office together with any original documents. The documents will be sighted and photocopied where necessary. The child will be placed on a waiting list. Once your child has been accepted to start at Holy Cross, a meeting and pre-school visits will be arranged with the Deputy Principal to ensure a smooth transition into school.

Family Contacts

It is vital that the school is notified immediately of changes of addresses and phone numbers, as our records must be kept up-to-date, particularly in cases of emergency. Please remember to advise the School Office of any changes.



Mahi Tahi Preschool Programme

To ensure our students have a welcoming and positive experience when they start at Holy Cross Catholic School we have developed our Mahi Tahi Programme (Working Together as One) which has two distinct areas, a weekly Pre School Learning experience and a Pre-school Transition programme consisting of four points of contact for the parents and child before the child starts at our school.